Saturday, July 18, 2009

- - - {18th of July} - - -

Thought it was about time I posted some pictures over our girl Polly Cat, she's a beauty. Can you believe I haven't edited her eyes one bit they are really this blue, she's a funny little snow leopard with a crooked tail which adds to her appeal in a sort of quirky way. She spends 75% of her day sleeping and the other 25% trying to encourage me to feed her more, she's too posh for dry food apparently. She's insane at 11pm every night and skates around the hall chasing her catnip mouse. She's the first cat I've owned who actually uses her scratchpost instead of the furniture.

Name: Polly
Age: 4 Years
Favourite Food: Fish
Favourite Toy: Mouse on a string


Thursday, July 16, 2009

- - - {16th July} - - -

Hey Everybody,
(I can't write that with a straight face I always picture Dr Nick Rivera's voice - from the simpsons)
Anywho I made this page with Gypsy Couture's new kit "Party on the Patio" featuring my silly girl. She's always pulling faces like this. She's seriously insane, to top the insanity we got a cat last week, Polly. She's a 4 year old Bengal and she's gorgeous, anyhow Ava has been hyper since we got her she runs around the house after her squealing... fantastic. I figured she'd calm down within a few days... um noooo! She's worse than ever, poor cat, luckily we still have the child gate on our bedroom so she escapes in there when she needs to. That is when she's not trying to kill me by curling her way around my feet looking for tidbits. Ohhh the joys of motherhood and pet ownership.
So here's my page

(linked image)

If you like it I've made a wee QP freebie.
Grab it now, there are lots of other gorgeous quickpages on the Gypsy Couture Blog too so travel over there and snag some more.

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Not too Shabby...

I'm on the Shabby Pickle Creative Team... woot woot!
I'm so excited I keep thinking they've made a mistake :D
Shabby is one of my 2 most favourite stores and I'm literally over the moon.
Anyway enough bragging I sound irritating he he.
Do you like my new blog design?
This is Always Remember by Nikki Beaudreau @ after5designs and she rocks I love this kit soo soo much!
I also made a layout with it this week with one of Doug's graduation pictures. Did I mention he graduated on the 26th it was a great day. We had an awesome dinner and it was a beautiful day for photos. Our friend Fred took them so I could be in them and he did an amazing job!

So I have a few more new teams I'm excited about Edeline and Martencja asked me to stay on after my guest spots which was so amazing they are the nicest and most talented people I'm so lucky, then my sweet DST friend (by friend I mean I stalk her gallery ha ha) Amanda R invited me to join her team which I'm also over the moon about because she seriously rocks and is a total star! And I made the FruitlOop Sally CT call and get to make LOs for Sandra who not only is amazingly awesome but is as lovely as can be too!

So I may be a little overwhelmed but I'm having a LOT of fun :D

Here come the LOs....

Sweet n' Simple Template #3 by Nikki Beaudreau @ after5designs.
What's for Dinner by Cinnamon Designs @ after5designs.
Stitches #1 by K studio @ after5designs.

Beep Beep collab by Edeline Designs & Armina Designs @gottapixel.

Gentle Morning by Gypsy Couture @ thedigichick.
Sweet Temptation by FruitlOop Sally & K Studio @ pickleberrypop & after5designs.