Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Look look.... scrappers rejoice...

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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

June is .... Terminator month?

... for me anyway. I love the Terminator. I know that doesn't fit my character but Terminator Salvation is AMAZING. I went to see it with Phil on Saturday and I'm itching to talk about it to someone but Doug went on a Summer Solstice bike ride and didn't come, so I can't ruin it for him. BUT what is going to happen next.... I need to know! Awesome :D

Enough of that... Doug graduates this Friday, gown and all. Looking forward to dressing up and all that stuff. Oh and a nice dinner out with his family. Ava's learnt a new phrase... it's a great one... "I don't like it!" ... oh the fun to be had with that little gem... lots of "I don't like it" about her dinner, clothes, me... fun fun. And that's it I know exciting post :D

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Sunday, June 07, 2009

Sweet summer ....

:::We've been enjoying the warm weather which is a nice change in Scotland so I haven't been online much, Ava's cheeky as ever but can be bribed (see photo below ha ha). She's taken telling me to "shhh" and "stop singing" which is great, hmmmm :::
:::Doug graduated with a first class honours, with merit in teaching!!! I'm so proud of him, it's making me wonder if maybe it's time for me to study again, perhaps graphics... maybe it's still just a thought:::
:::Hope everyone is enjoying the summer:::

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:::June Mystery Case by Tangie Baxter:::
:::A Taste of Africa by Martencja Designs:::
:::Morning Capriccio by AnnaBV Designs:::
:::When you were sleeping by Edeline Marta Designs:::
:::Every Moment Counts by Edeline Marta Designs:::

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