Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I call her crazy...

So I was cleaning the kitchen today I had Ava all set up at the table with pens and paper, she's not normally allowed pens (she draws on herself) so this was capturing her attention quite well.

Eventually she's had enough of that and she starts rummaging in the cereal cupboard (one of her favourite things) and disappears off into the living room to watch In the Night Garden.

It's too quiet so I wander through to discover a cereal massacre. Wheatabix crumbled into the couch and she's chomping down on one too, she grinned when I caught her thinking she'd sneaked into the cake cupboard or something. I mean wheatabix seriously! Those things are so dry and taste of nothing and she was so happy munching on it she finished the whole thing. She's a little weirdo!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Girl!

It was Ava's 2nd birthday on November 20th! She had a great day and thank you for all her wonderful gifts she's officially spoilt rotten!
We spent the day at Ava's playgroup playing with her little friends instead of a party, Ava preferred it and so did I (no baking yay). She loved opening her gifts especially the parcels that arrived throughout the day she was so excited to see the postman it was very cute.
By the end of the day she was EXHAUSTED and mummy was left with a major organising mission in her toy cupboard so I could fit all the new stuff in ha ha.
Happy Birthday Baby!