Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You might be...

...the most beautiful baby in the world :O)

And the best thing is I have a new camera to take advantage of Ava's beauty! Doug surprised me with a Nikon D70, it's also for him as he's a pretty good photographer. So I expect this blog to become more full and far more interesting :O)

I'm a bore I really am!
So what's been going on, I haven't posted since July... wow!

Well I dropped Bumps and Bouquets for the time being as work is keeping me nice and busy. Tom launched the new Snow Patrol site last week and it looks awesome, he did a great job! I'm off today because I have a total pain of a head cold!

It's finally autumn and the summer really passed us by quickly. If it would just stop raining this season would be beautiful. Doug won an award for being the best ever 3rd year (something like that anyway) he got a shiny trophy and a digital camera... which he punted on eBay to buy our superdooper DSLR.

Ava is awesome and hilarious and makes us laugh constantly. She's fantastic at singing and Incy Wincy Spider is her current favourite song. She spent the entire day saying "nooooo" today which was brilliant, she's completely unreasonable and crazy but that's to be expected of an almost two year old.

She's addicted to plastic animals, they're cheap which makes Mummy and Daddy very happy!

She went to her little friends second birthday today and came home clutching her party bag like it was treasure. I think she's really going to enjoy her birthday.