Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Once again...

I'm a useless blog "slacker".

So it's late July and the summers almost over. Ava's been happy for the most part, learning new words and dancing to anything close to music. She's beautiful.

She's mastered the phrase "oh nice" which she says as she snuggles her teddy bears, it's pretty darn cute. She tends to agree with everything you say "YES!" is a popular word here. Can't complain it's better than no. She's full of the cold right now but she's content for the most part.

Doug's doing great, in just over a month he'll be in his last year of uni, he did so well in 3rd year, all A's! Teaching is just around the corner for him and ironing a thousand shirts is just around the corner for me :)

I'm working for Tom part time it's fun. Quite simple just editing websites and a bit of photoshop. Still trying to get some samples for my business so I can actually get it set up, it's really not getting anywhere at the moment.

So that's it... back to work for me, thinking of making cookies xxx