Monday, April 14, 2008

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Is only a .... week away ha sorry! I said I'd be back "tomorrow" a week ago!

So our trip to the westcoast was fun but very tiring. Ava is not the best at sleeping away from home! We did get some sunshine though which was a great surprise and Ava loved seeing the ponies :)

Since then we have had a calm and quiet time of playgroup and hanging out. May will be busy with a few sales for Ben ( and Ben's big birthday bash in the Lake District.

Ava's off for a nap after eating a big plate of fishfingers and peas (she's getting really good at using a fork/spoon) so I'm going to grab a cuppa lie on the couch and veg :O) xxx

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I suck!

It's true I suck as a blogger!
We were in the westcoast for a few days and just got back last night. More to come on that little adventure tomorrow!