Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I call her crazy...

So I was cleaning the kitchen today I had Ava all set up at the table with pens and paper, she's not normally allowed pens (she draws on herself) so this was capturing her attention quite well.

Eventually she's had enough of that and she starts rummaging in the cereal cupboard (one of her favourite things) and disappears off into the living room to watch In the Night Garden.

It's too quiet so I wander through to discover a cereal massacre. Wheatabix crumbled into the couch and she's chomping down on one too, she grinned when I caught her thinking she'd sneaked into the cake cupboard or something. I mean wheatabix seriously! Those things are so dry and taste of nothing and she was so happy munching on it she finished the whole thing. She's a little weirdo!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Birthday Girl!

It was Ava's 2nd birthday on November 20th! She had a great day and thank you for all her wonderful gifts she's officially spoilt rotten!
We spent the day at Ava's playgroup playing with her little friends instead of a party, Ava preferred it and so did I (no baking yay). She loved opening her gifts especially the parcels that arrived throughout the day she was so excited to see the postman it was very cute.
By the end of the day she was EXHAUSTED and mummy was left with a major organising mission in her toy cupboard so I could fit all the new stuff in ha ha.
Happy Birthday Baby!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

You might be...

...the most beautiful baby in the world :O)

And the best thing is I have a new camera to take advantage of Ava's beauty! Doug surprised me with a Nikon D70, it's also for him as he's a pretty good photographer. So I expect this blog to become more full and far more interesting :O)

I'm a bore I really am!
So what's been going on, I haven't posted since July... wow!

Well I dropped Bumps and Bouquets for the time being as work is keeping me nice and busy. Tom launched the new Snow Patrol site last week and it looks awesome, he did a great job! I'm off today because I have a total pain of a head cold!

It's finally autumn and the summer really passed us by quickly. If it would just stop raining this season would be beautiful. Doug won an award for being the best ever 3rd year (something like that anyway) he got a shiny trophy and a digital camera... which he punted on eBay to buy our superdooper DSLR.

Ava is awesome and hilarious and makes us laugh constantly. She's fantastic at singing and Incy Wincy Spider is her current favourite song. She spent the entire day saying "nooooo" today which was brilliant, she's completely unreasonable and crazy but that's to be expected of an almost two year old.

She's addicted to plastic animals, they're cheap which makes Mummy and Daddy very happy!

She went to her little friends second birthday today and came home clutching her party bag like it was treasure. I think she's really going to enjoy her birthday.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Once again...

I'm a useless blog "slacker".

So it's late July and the summers almost over. Ava's been happy for the most part, learning new words and dancing to anything close to music. She's beautiful.

She's mastered the phrase "oh nice" which she says as she snuggles her teddy bears, it's pretty darn cute. She tends to agree with everything you say "YES!" is a popular word here. Can't complain it's better than no. She's full of the cold right now but she's content for the most part.

Doug's doing great, in just over a month he'll be in his last year of uni, he did so well in 3rd year, all A's! Teaching is just around the corner for him and ironing a thousand shirts is just around the corner for me :)

I'm working for Tom part time it's fun. Quite simple just editing websites and a bit of photoshop. Still trying to get some samples for my business so I can actually get it set up, it's really not getting anywhere at the moment.

So that's it... back to work for me, thinking of making cookies xxx

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The adventures of Ava in Whinfell Forest!

We just got back from our trip to Whinfell Forest it was so much fun!

Unfortunately Ben got sick so he had to go home early poor little birthday boy! He still got to go swimming though but didn't get to try out the bike trailer.

Ava LOVED swimming and sitting in the trailer. She had a blast in the play parks and generally playing in the forest. Doug and I really enjoyed cycling and getting up and sitting on the lake with some starbucks fruit toast and iced hazelnut lattes. The pool was awesome and the lake was really pretty. Doug and Phil played badminton and Poker and enjoyed themselves a lot.

Now I REALLY want to live there ha ha only a few grand a week... that's likely :O) xxx

Friday, May 16, 2008

A morning at the park!

Ava, Vicki, Freya and I spent the morning at the park today. We had fun, Ava loved everything in there. She's so grown up. She will be 18 months old on the 20th!

We're off to the Lake district on Monday for the week and we're going to celebrate Ben's birthday there. It will be a blast :O)

Take care! x

Monday, May 05, 2008

The sun has got his hat on :)

Finally spring is here!

But what is with all the freaky weather? Sunshine, rain, Sunshine, hail, Sunshine, thunder!

A huge lightning storm last Tuesday took out our wireless router and some little ned broke our car window on Friday night. Glasgow huh! Needless to say we're now broke after those expenses.

And eating Jessi's thin mint cookies (don't worry I'll pay for them, but yum!).

Then it's off to the lake district for Ben's birthday which should be AWESOME!

Okay Ava update time: She now says Mumma, Daey, Dinnah, 'tis, whazis, 'side (outside) and a few other random tidbits. She's a big girl already in 2-3year clothing. And as always she loves to dance. Her ears prick up at the slightest sound of music and she stops whatever she's doing just to dance.
She's more and more beautiful each day, no idea where she gets it from :O)

Today we went to the park and sat on the grass together then ran around by the fountain. She's so happy outside and she gets smiles from everybody who passes. She loves to walk without her reigns now and she always holds my hand, she's growing up so fast. She is a proffesional eater now and can completely feed herself with a spoon or fork barely dropping a thing. Doug and I both marvel at how smart she is, we introduced her to a lidless cup this week and she got the hang of it within ten minutes.Oh and my favourite thing if you say "jump" she'll stop and jump on the spot xxx

Super *&^"$%* Mario!

I have Mario rage!

I don't know what it is about that game but it makes me so mad! I have pondered throwing my DS against a wall. Doug is scared of me!

Thankfully I'm on the last level!

Cross your fingers for me that I complete it tonight as the rage may take me over if not! And that won't be pretty.


Monday, April 14, 2008

Tomorrow Tomorrow

Is only a .... week away ha sorry! I said I'd be back "tomorrow" a week ago!

So our trip to the westcoast was fun but very tiring. Ava is not the best at sleeping away from home! We did get some sunshine though which was a great surprise and Ava loved seeing the ponies :)

Since then we have had a calm and quiet time of playgroup and hanging out. May will be busy with a few sales for Ben ( and Ben's big birthday bash in the Lake District.

Ava's off for a nap after eating a big plate of fishfingers and peas (she's getting really good at using a fork/spoon) so I'm going to grab a cuppa lie on the couch and veg :O) xxx

Saturday, April 05, 2008

I suck!

It's true I suck as a blogger!
We were in the westcoast for a few days and just got back last night. More to come on that little adventure tomorrow!

Monday, February 18, 2008

A little bit about the Aviator

My silly sausage playing :O) She likes to wear her hat indoors and put the mesh bag from her ball pit balls over her head! She loves her rocking horse and her dolly Robin who has lots of fun things like buttons and velcro all over him.

Charlotte, Gemma and Charlotte's mum Patricia got her some really cool gifts. Charlotte came to stay this weekend and went to Gymboree with us. It was fun to have someone to chat to while we were there as I'm way too shy to chat to the families there. Doug gets to come next week as he has weekends off while he's on placement, it'll be so much more fun with him.

Here's Ava feeding herself for the first time it got pretty messy! xxx