Saturday, December 15, 2007

*^*^*^*^*^* Misletoe and Wine *^*^*^*^*^*


I'm actually going to sit and think about what I'm going to write here because it's been a long time since I wrote a decent entry.

So here goes:

Today me and Ava started Gymboree classes, which are A LOT of fun! I was a total dumb a$$ and figured I'd carry her in the sling, by the time we got there I was shattered and then I had to run around after her for half an hour "don't grab peoples eyes", "don't climb on that baby." "Stop staring at that man." "ahhhhhhhh!" I'm sure all the posh west-end mum's thought I was scum with my naughty offspring!
Are you enjoying the christmas feel to my typing :)

Anyhow after all that Ava really did enjoy herself, she loved the parachute and the bubbles. So I enrolled her for the course and I think she's gonna love it! I dunno part of me feels like since I'm such a young mum I have to prove myself by being the most amazing mother in the entire world. So we have a busy schedual playgroup 3 x a week, Gymboree and soft play. Hopefully it'll teach her how to act around other kids and she wont turn into a total bully! Who am I kidding, I love it!
My dear dear friend Jessi made me this ornament isn't it beautiful! And she baked me the most amazing cookies, it was really cool to try the American cookies that everyone talks about like "Thin Mints" and "Russian Teacakes". She also sent me tonnes of hershey bars and peanut butter cups, now I just have to persuade her (& her husband and 5 kids) to move to Scotland and she can bake for me everyday!

I am spending the evening writing christmas cards, maybe I should put on some christmas music. I already have a hot chocolate in hand :)

My tree is tiny this year and possitioned on top of the record player as "Grabby hands M'gee"/"Destructour" is a hazard to herself! But it's pretty and safe so thats all that matters!

I wish I had something witty to say but ...... I'm tired, so after these cards are done, it's bedtime.

Finally since I know at least one person reads this..... MERRY CHRISTMAS!