Monday, August 13, 2007

We are Mobile...Aaaahhhhhhh!

The little horror is mobile. She can crawl, pull herself up into sitting position and wave. My oh my!
And she is starting to pull herself up on furniture, she loves to walk around holding your hands.... seriously she is going to be walking soon and that terrifies me.

Anyway as a result of this new found mobility we are getting into A lot of trouble. Why is it that her favorite thing happens to be the most dangerous thing in the house? Electricity cables! Remind me why I bought her toys at all, what could be more fun than an ipod cable, a digita
l camera, a phone or a hairbrush? On Friday my friend Greig comes over so I'm texting him directions for oh about 30 seconds I look up and she is covered head to toe in sudocreme. God only knows how much she ate! I googled it to check it wasn't poison and she was fine!

To add to that excitement she had her first ride in a shopping trolley! I think she quite liked it, my only problem was stopping her chewing the dirty old handle.... bleah!

Speaking of bleah, I ate a chocolate cake out of a brand new pack of 4 mini cakes yesterday. After devouring the entire thing Doug notices the other 3 are green and furry with mould and 11 days out of date...... yuk! I feel sick thinking about it but thankfully I haven't been.

Anyhow she is trying to play with a plastic bag so I better be off :)