Friday, September 10, 2010

When I'm the bad fairy - by Ava.

I'm useless at updating so I thought I'd start posting completely random things.

Ava wrote this story - told it to me as I wrote it down- it's ridiculously cute :)

“When I’m the bad Fairy”
By Ava

The bad fairy magics somebody away. She magics people with the magic wand. The bad fairy isn’t everyone’s best-friend. She has a grumpy face.

She lives over that way, up here near nursery on the red slide. The bad fairy has an orange and red cat. It is a boy cat, he is a bad cat and I am the bad fairy. His name is Pussycat. I eat chicken and chips for breakfast in my house on the red slide, I eat it inside that house.

Her best-friend is her bad prince, Dahlim. My name is Looning, the bad fairy is Looning. The bad fairy does not like spiders. She does not brush her teeth or eat vegetables. She is not really kind. Her favourite colour is pink.

She is just pretend because I am good and kind.

Sunday, January 03, 2010

Birthdays, Christmas' and a Happy New Year...

So yep it's been a LONG time since I last updated this hasn't it!

September wow, so since then... Doug turned 27, Ava turned 3, we had Christmas and New Year and a heap of snow. Ava's birthday was lovely she was over the moon with her dollshouse. Christmas was fantastic spent in Aberdeen with the whole family Ava was really getting to grips with what it was all about and asks me constantly if we can "go to Christmas" now. New Year Doug went out I stayed in and ignored it (I hate New Year) I did make a couple of resolutions though to make more effort in general and also take part this year in project 365.
My project 365 blog - 365 Precious Moments - is where I will showcase my year in pictures but I'll still be posting here too of course.
Also good things are happening in my designing world stay tuned for details of that on my Design Blog - Polly & Rufus Designs and grab a freebie while you're at it :)

{Ava's 3rd Birthday}

Sunday, September 13, 2009

- - - {13th of September} - - -

Were back from our holidays at Center Parcs in the Lakes. Sadly Doug couldn't work you don't get to take "off season" holidays when you're a teacher, he didn't mind he had a nice break from me bossing him around I think. Mum, Phil, Laura, Gavin and Ben kept me company though and sharing a room with Ava meant I never had a chance to be lonely (or in peace but that's another story "mummy, mummy are we going swimming tomorrow?"... "Yes Ava for the umpteenth time, it's 11pm GO TO SLEEP!")

It was so beautiful though, the sun shined for us the whole time and the pool was awesome. Ava is such a great swimmer I'm going to start taking her more often. She also loved the ducks... as did I as you can see by the following photos (I may have overdone the "duck profiles" a tad) but I had just watched Mark Carwardine on Last Chance to see and fancied myself as a "wildlife photographer" being that I just learned to use my camera on manual this may have been a tad hopeful but nevertheless I got a lot of pretty photos.

Also a huge congrats to our friends Jo and Richard who got married yesterday, Jo looked beautiful and the wedding party was very very cool. There first dance was Depeche Mode, Just can't get enough you don't get much cooler than that do you.